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We fillet, cure and smoke our small-batch Hebridean Hot Smoked Salmon in the old-fashioned way – entirely by hand and crafted to ensure it always does justice to the ‘King of Fish’, as well as your table.


Fillets are cured in a mix of salt, demerara sugar and pepper, before being dressed with a seasoning of dried Dulse, a delicious seaweed found in abundance on the island. Smoked and then cooked to perfection so that it flakes beautifully, but still retains enough moisture to create a fantastic mouth-feel. Absolutely delicious on its own. And a fantastic centrepiece for a meal - particularly served with a warm salad of new potatoes dressed in horseradish cream... Minimum 850g but often much larger.

Hebridean Hot Smoked Salmon Fillet

  • Ingredients:

    Scottish Farmed Salmon (Salmo Salar), salt, sugar, black pepper, flaked Pepper Dulse.

    Please note we take the greatest care to ensure all bones have been removed... but it may be the odd one slips by. Apologies in advance if you happen to get one.

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